Leading up to YieldCon 2015, the Renewable Energy Yieldco Conference, we have prepared an overview of current yieldcos worldwide. In both the US and UK the yieldco model has already been a big success with 7 and 6 listed vehicles respectively. With renewable assets being increasingly recognized as an alternative asset class for investors, and the consolidation of assets in the current fragmented market, there's no doubt we'll see quite some more yieldco listings in the next few years. As seen in this overview there's a big variation of yieldcos focusing on size and growth versus longterm commitments for a steady dividend yield. Furthermore there are highly focused yieldcos adopting one technology in a specific region versus completely diversified funds including assets across continents, power plants of all sorts and other assets such as land and transmission lines.


Download the free overview of yieldcos through here: http://www.yieldcon.com/yieldco-overview