NextEnergy Solar Fund signs agreements to acquire a solar power plant of 21.2MWp and to undertake Bilsham Phase Two comprising 2.6MWp

NESF is pleased to announce the signing of the share purchase agreement (“SPA”) to acquire a special purpose vehicle ("SPV") owning Langenhoe. The plant is being constructed under an Engineering, Procurement and Construction contract (“EPC”) negotiated by NESF’s investment adviser, NextEnergy Capital Limited. Langenhoe was connected to the grid on 4 March 2015.

Langenhoe is located in Essex, and will be accredited under the 1.4 Renewable Obligation Certificate (“ROC”) regime. The SPV will be acquired by NESF upon achievement of the preliminary acceptance certificate (“PAC”), which is expected to be issued during March 2015.

NESF is also pleased to announce the signing of the DSA to undertake the construction of Bilsham Phase Two, amounting to a 2.6MWp extension to the existing plant located in Sussex. Phase One, comprising 12.7MWp, was grid-connected in November 2014 and its acquisition was completed in January 2015.

Bilsham Phase Two is to be accredited under the 1.4 ROC regime. NESF has structured the DSA to accept the plant from the contractor only in the event Bilsham Phase Two is grid connected in full ahead of 31 March 2015.